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TheBOX®  is a patented, organic, and powerful, vacuum-induced sterilization technology that utilizes our proprietary reagent known as Reactive Oxygen (rO).

Each cycle penetrates to the very core of the cannabis flower without impacting original properties such as THC, CBD, or terpenes. Unlike other technologies, the full-spectrum microbial decontamination process completely destroys DNA cell walls in pathogens.

In addition to sterilization, operators can optimize flower hydration levels by reintroducing moisture back into dried flower, as well as infuse cannabis/hemp flower with organic terpenes.  As we like to say, “creating the greatest flower is as easy as 1-2-3.”


The cannabis industry has and continues to exceed the expectations of many onlookers across the globe. Blessed with incredible medicinal and recreational benefits sandwiched with its lucrative nature, this plant is forcing the hands of many lawmakers the world over to consider the legalization option. 

“It is sad to think there is still a significant lack of research and knowledge related to cannabis plant diseases, both at the pre-and post-harvest stages. In addition, many of the fungus that infect cannabis, such as Aspergillus and Penicillium spp, can produce mycotoxins. Most of these are harmful when consumed, especially by those patients who suffer from a weakened immune system, causing invasive human contamination. 

At PuroGen, the industry leader in the cannabis sterilization equipment, we use our patented proprietary Reactive Oxygen (rO) decontamination system to safely and efficiently, sterilize the cannabis flower while not affecting the cannabinoid profile (ex. THC, CBD, Terpenes) or without compromising flavor, quality or effect. This organic cannabis remediation & decontamination technology works by introducing reactive oxygen to destroy mold, bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, bacteria, Aspergillus, coliforms, E.Coli, and Salmonella deep inside the bud. 


Our organic cannabis sterilization method is more than just a surface pot, hemp, cannabis or medical cannabis kill, it is effective through all the layers of the cannabis flower destroying pathogens down to the DNA. During the 35-45 minute process, the rO attacks pathogens, microbes and produces harmless byproducts of oxygen and water vapor making the whole process organic.


Our products are equipped to perform measured and controllable rehydration. After the remediation & decontamination process, (if desired) de-ionized water or reverse osmosis water is added to the vaporizer which turns the liquid into a vapor. The vapor it generates hydrates the dry material until it reaches its desired moisture level.


Last but not least, is the option (Q4) to add the ability to infuse terpenes allowing you to recreate profiles, offer flavors such as banana or strawberry, boost the entourage effect, or even formulate for desired therapeutic effect. The options for remediation & decontamination for pot, hemp, cannabis, or medical cannabis are endless and that is why we have the leading technology, devices and equipment in the cannabis sterilization market.


Name TheBOX®
Application Sterilize, Re-hydrate, Infuse Dried Cannabis/Hemp Flower
Dimensions 43" Wide X 69" Tall X 30" Deep
Weight 500-600 lbs Based on Features
Capacity Single Chamber 5 lbs / Dual Chamber 10 lbs
Cycle Time Purify 45-60 Minutes, Depending on Cycle Strength
Cycle Time Rehydrate 15-20 Minutes
Cycle Time Infuse 15-20 Minutes
Reagent PuroGen's Formulated Reactive Oxygen (rO)
Audits Complete Audit System
Power Requirements 110VAC-220VAC Options


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