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TheBOX® is an organic yet powerful, vacuum-induced sterilization technology for the sterilization of dried cannabis and hemp flower which penetrates without damage to the very core. The byproducts of Reactive Oxygen (rO) is merely water and oxygen. Our process does not impact the original properties of cannabis and hemp such as THC, CBD or Terpenes during the full-spectrum microbial decontamination process via DNA destruction of pathogens.

In addition to sterilization, operators can adjust hydration levels by re-introducing moisture to dried out flower, recovering flower moisture, color and brighting compromised terpene profiles.


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Name TheBOX®
Application Sterilize, Re-hydrate, Infuse Dried Cannabis/Hemp Flower
Dimensions 43" Wide X 69" Tall X 30" Deep
Weight 500-600 lbs Based on Features
Capacity Single Chamber 5 lbs / Dual Chamber 10 lbs
Cycle Time Purify 45-60 Minutes, Depending on Cycle Strength
Cycle Time Rehydrate 15-20 Minutes
Cycle Time Infuse 15-20 Minutes
Reagent PuroGen's Formulated Reactive Oxygen (rO)
Audits Complete Audit System
Power Requirements 110VAC-220VAC Options

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