The Science of Pure® Technology Working For You


PuroGen pedigree

PuroGen’s pedigree began in 1997 when its founder launched a leading BioMedical company based in Central Florida. The company developed and commercialized patented technologies specializing in the processing and sterilization of cadaveric allograft (human) tissue.

In 2016 PuroGen Botanics, LLC was formed to leverage the patented technologies for application in the cannabis and hemp sectors to help address the challenges of biological contamination and microbial growth across the cultivation process.

Using our patented organic pharmaceutical grade sterilization technology, PuroGen has since helped customers across the county to recover hundreds of thousands of pounds of traditionally unsaleable flower due to microbial contamination resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in bottom line revenue and profits. 


Allograft Sterilization

Our non-irradiated solution provides a terminally sterilized allograft (human) tissue while preserving all of the natural biological benefits.

Botanical Sterilization

Our solution does not impact the original properties of cannabis and hemp such as THC, CBD or Terpenes but does offering microbial decontamination.

Supply Sterilization

In-house supply sterilization process with 20 minute cycle times and powerful 6-log reduction kill capability.


We are able to safely sterilize without affecting the integrity of genetic makeup for biologic material.