Sterilization at Your Command

PuroBOT® is a fully-automated robotic sterilization solution providing full spectrum facility sterilization.  Never again worry whether your staff is properly cleaning all surfaces including furniture, equipment, electronic devices, walls and ceilings up to 10’ in height. With a 20-foot vapor treatment radius PuroBOT® will sterilize all pathogens including both airborne and all porous and non-porous surfaces.

Once we’ve programmed and plotted your treatment areas (trim, storage, storage, office and grow rooms), PuroBOT® will navigate through your facility moving up to 60 feet per minute automatically avoiding any obstacle in its way.  When PuroBOT® reaches the end of its 4.5 hour run time it will automatically return to the charging station and will be ready to run again within 3 hours.  You can monitor PuroBOT® via handheld mobile devices.

Fully-Automated Robotic Surface Sterilization

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