Warranty, Consumables & Testing


Protection for Hardware, Technical, and Software Support.

All new units of TheBOX® include a 12-month manufacturer’s parts warranty, plus complimentary 90-day PuroCARE coverage.

Beyond that, PuroCARE is your “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty solution.  Worry-free protection against most mechanical issues, and allows you to focus on the most important needs of your business.  

PuroCARE covers repairs from wear-and-tear items to major expenses such as replacing PLC controller components and fiber optic controllers.*  

PuroCARE also includes an expedited response time for ‘on-site’ service coverage by our certified technicians because emergencies rarely occur at convenient times.

Unlimited End User Support via a dedicated WhatsApp Group.

For those issues that require ‘on-premise’ service, our Technical Support team will come to you to do whatever it takes to correct your issue and have you up and running ASAP.* 

*Some Restrictions Apply


Fixed Price Consumables

Inflation Proof Your Consumables &

Have the materials you need when you need them at deeply discounted prices.

Worry-free consumables delivery, the PuroCARE auto-ship program provides all of your consumables at a deeply discounted price.  

Everything required for processing your cannabis flower is included in our auto-ship consumables kit.  On the 1st of each month, PuroGen will charge your credit card on file and ship consumables kits in 100-pound increments.  As a PuroCARE Member, you will also receive a preferred rate on any additional requested consumables as per the program.

Customers may elect to skip 1 month of auto-ship, per 12-month period at no charge or term extension.  In the event you choose to freeze shipments for any additional months, the skipped months will simply be added to the term of the agreement.

Kits Include

Reactive Oxygen™

  • Formulated rO Reagent for delicate sterilization of Biologics, specifically formulated for dried cannabis flower.  

Vapor Verification Strips

  • Vapor verification strips 
  • Non-woven polypropylene packaging 
  • One use per chamber run.

Large Remediation Bags

  • Specifically engineered and validated for reactive oxygen treatment.  
  • Holds up to 1.25 lbs./567g of cannabis or hemp flower.  
  • Dimensions: 14” x 30” 

Small Remediation Bags

  • For State Laboratory Testing Sample Submission (where applicable).
  • Specifically engineered and validated for reactive oxygen. 
  • Holds up to 5g of flower.  
  • Dimensions: 5” x 7”

Laboratory Testing

Private Laboratory Testing

PuroLAB is a private, PuroGen-owned and operated, 3M microbial testing laboratory and a complete game-changer.  Until now, routine product and facility testing have been expensive and nearly impossible.  PuroLAB is a simple, easy, and cost-effective way to always know your CFU counts. 

Ongoing Cycle Optimization

Flower with higher than normal levels of CFUs?  Wondering how to treat it? We can help you establish a more aggressive cycle treatment and confirm the results before submitting to State testing.

Know Before You Submit

You know the effects of failing State microbial testing and the impact on your business.  You have invested too much to blindly “hope for the best” and risk your profits to the potential of failure.  

How Does it Work?

Simply create a THC-Free slurry sample with our PuroLAB easy-to-use kit, drop it in an expedited shipping envelope, and our processing facility will complete the lab analysis and provide your confidential test results in as little as 72 hours after receipt.

$225.00 Fully Quantitative Lab Results (up to 150 Million CFU)

PuroCARE Member Price $75.00 per Test

TheBOX / 5lbs Capacity



PuroCARE-Tier 1

Price Lock @11.00 per Pound

~100 Lbs. of Consumables Per Month Included
~Extended Warranty
~PuroLAB Discount

Additional consumables can be purchased at a rate of $11.00 per pound

TheBOX XL / 10lbs Capacity
  • PuroCARE-Tier 2

  • Price Lock @ 9.50 per Pound

~200 Lbs. of Consumables Per Month
~Extended Warranty
~PuroLAB Discount

Additional consumables can be purchased at a rate of $9.50 per pound

TheBOX ULTRA / 50lbs Capacity




PuroCARE-Tier 3

Contact Us For Pricing


~Custom Volume Quantities
~Extended Warranty
~PuroLAB Discount



*The Fine Print




  • Does not include travel expenses. A $2,500 travel per diem applies per visit. 
  • Does not include vacuum pump replacement. Pump replacements have a per occurrence deductible based on size and model.  
  • Consumables are Shipped on a quarterly basis.
  • PuroLAB is limited to microbial testing for facility and products. 

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