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PuroGen is a science and innovation company located in Central Florida. The Company develops and validates patented sterilization solutions known as The PuroGen Process“.


We serve the scientific, commercial, and agricultural sectors, providing our clients more confidence with the cleanest environment and in-process technology available.

Reveal Your Product's True Potential

TheBOX® is an organic, vacuum-induced sterilization technology that uses a Reactive Oxygen (rO) process for Remediation, Sterilization, Rehydration, and Terpene Enhancement of botanical products.

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Our Technology Helps Address Biological Contamination & Microbial Growth

Our technology has been in use for over 20 years for sterilization of botanics, allograft tissue, and supply.

* Chart shows counts before and after sterilization. All Total Yeast and Mold Count of Colony Forming Units (CFU) are below 8070; this can be seen by hovering over the data, but may be challenging to see visually.

Sample Test: CFU Total Yeast and Mold Count Before and After Sterilization


Allograft Sterilization

Our non-irradiated solution provides a terminally sterilized allograft (human) tissue while preserving all of the natural biological benefits.

Botanical Sterilization

Our solution does not impact the original properties of cannabis and hemp such as THC, CBD or Terpenes but does offering microbial decontamination.

Supply Sterilization

We are able to safely sterilize without affecting the integrity of genetic makeup for biologic material.


We are able to safely sterilize without affecting the integrity of genetic makeup for biologic material.


Over the last 2o years we have invested in the highest standards in medical manufacturing.

Founder and CEO, Alan Novotny, established PuroGen in 1996 as an allograft/cadaveric tissue producer and specialty sterilization company. PuroGen specialized in the sterilization of allograft (human) tissue, to later expand the technology to include botanical sterilization.

With an eye on ever increased regulatory compliance in industries where sterilization is required, PuroGen’s products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards following FDA medical device protocols including design, engineering, and efficacy standards.

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